What Does a Boot Scan Do?

When a cyber threat makes its way into your computer, it is able to be disguised in a variety of ways. Many antivirus programs are able to detect malware via regular scans, or real-time protection. However, a boot time scan is more thorough and can catch stealthy threats.

A boot scan is a brief analysis of your computer before Windows starts. This allows the software detect hidden malware without disrupting normal operations. Avast’s boot scanner feature offers a number of options to deal with threats detected during the scan. These include making the files repairable immediately, moving them to Disease Chest or quarantine, and then deleting them.

It can take some time to run a boot test. It’s best to disable any non-essential startup programs and unplug USB or external hard drives. This will decrease the chance of conflict and allow the scan only to focus on the internal storage. It is also a good idea to schedule certain periods of time when you won’t be using your computer for any other purposes so that boot scanning can take place without interruption.

To enable a scanning feature for the boot time, select Settings (the gear icon) within the Avast interface. Select Protection > Scan Settings and check the Boot Time Scan option. Then, configure the options according to your preferences and click OK. The Avast Boot-Time Scan is an effective tool to help you safeguard your PC from malware and have a smoother computer environment.

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