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Case Study -01

A cow is the magic of Happiness

Khaleq Gaji  40,  a person with disability lives at Angulkata village of Gulishakhali union . He belong to a extreme poor family and there is  no other person in his family . He married to  Supria Begum about 6 years back to look after him and his family. He is not  physically able to do any type of works and finding no others alternatives he begged alms to the

people and his wife Supria Begum started to work  at neibour’s  house as maid servant  for maintaining their family.

When NSS  starts to implement REE-CALL project at Gulishakhlai unions and community people formed a CBO named Payrar Par , he was included in the CBO. Under REE-CALL project  cows were  distributed to the vulnerable poor  as livelihood support . The executive committee of the CBO in their meeting select  Khaleq gaji for this support with a view to overcome his desperate poverty situation . After this he went to the market with CBO leaders and bought a for himself. He left the begging and all  time he looks  after  the cow . After one year the cow become pregnant and gave birth to a calf .Now the cow is given  two liter of milk every day .He sells  1 and half liter of milk to the nearby market and market value of tk 60 and he earns tk 1800 .It is enough for maintaining of his  family. He had received offer to purchase his  cow and the calf for Tk. 30,000. But he would not sell his cow because it gives tk 60 everyday and it will give more in future.

Now sometimes Supria remembers that there was days they had passed only by drinking water. Now the situation is quite reverse and they are  very happy .For this reason they  are nursing the cow like their child.


Case Study -02

Collective effort a model of great success

Gulishakhali is a big village of Gulishakhali union . There are lots of poor and marginal farmers live in the village .The village  is situated on bank of Payra River so they have to face natural disaster like cyclone tornado and flash flood every year . Scarcity of safe drinking water is the major problem here due to salinity.NSS has started to implement a project REE-CALL with the financial support of Oxfam to develop life and livelihood of poor people those are living at the risk of disaster  and climate change .With the participation of community people NSS formed a CBO named Suganda .

The members of that CBO in their meeting prepared PCVA  assessing  their capacity vulnerability and resources . They also identify the major problems of the community and prepared a RRAP to solve it .In this process they identify the scarcity of safe drinking water is the burning issue for this community and the women of this community have to collect safe drinking water from far flung areas.In this context , they submit a memorandum to UP to install a tube well immediately .But UP had no allocation  and in the meantime  REECALL project allocate two tube wells for Gulishakhali union. Hearing of this news the CBO members took a decision in a meeting and urge to the project authority for installation a tube well there .After this Shaik Kabir Hossen PC REE-CALL along with Mr Advocate Nurul Islam Chairman Gulishakhali UP visited the spot and they realized that the demand of the community is valid and site for the   installation of tube well is feasible. Later a tube well has been installed in the front of Gaji Bari as per decision of CBO and community people are very happy  with their achievement  .Now the community people are collecting safe drinking water from the tube well and they keep the tube well neat and clean .


Case Study -03

Nurjahan is now Self dependent

Nurjahan Begum (50 years) , wife of Abdur Rob Mia,Village-Gulishakhali, Union-Gulishakhali of Amtali upazila is now self dependent through Tea Stall. She is a member of Rajonigandha CBO under REE-CALL project implemented by NSS .She has three Children(2 daughter and 1 son). Her Husband is physically disabled. Nurjahan was vulnerable for Medical treatment of her husband and family expenditure .She leaded her family by domestic work and others help.

Nurjahan was selected as a beneficiary for getting small business support through CBO meeting and as per project budget she received 12,000/= at a time through bank account for business after submitted her business plan to REE-CALL project office. Nurjahan built a small shop by his own initiatives and started tea stall through the amount beside the main road where a brick field is recently developed. She also make local cake(Pitha) .Brick field workers are the main customer. Now on an average Nurjahan sell about 1000-1200/= daily and the average profit is 300-350/= daily.

Nurjahan is now self dependent and able to lead her family and medical treatment of her husband . She is very much happy .


Resilience has increased in the Communities

Arpangashia and Gulishakhali are climate change affected most vulnerable unions of Amtali upazila under Barguna district. Both the unions are situated on the river Payra, a mighty river of southern coastal region Bangladesh that empties into the Bay of Bengal. The people those who are living on this river sides are no longer compromising with natural hazards and they are more resilient than before; the recent combating against the attack of Mahasen on 16 May 2013 is one of the instance that the cyclone could not demolish the lives of the people that was anticipated. Now the people are more aware about how to protect their lives and assets from natural hazards.


CBOs (Community Based Organizations) arranged special meetings amongst themselves and took preparedness measures when the metrological department of Bangladesh hoisted signals to alert people against cyclone Mahasen. All the 17 CBOs in the two unions played very active role to aware people of villages. People were evacuated to safe places like – cyclone shelters, well constructed houses and schools. Community volunteers were active enough to communicating and disseminating information and time to time updates of their initiatives to Emergency Control Room of NSS at Amtali. It was apparent that the community people consumed the trainings on disaster preparedness and risk reduction which they received through the REE-CALL project of Oxfam.

People accumulated their valuables like – food grains, dry food, candle, match boxes, fuel wood, documents, poultry birds and cattle in safe places. Older people, children, pregnant women, women and people with disability were taken to safe places. Earlier people would not leave their dwellings houses when any disaster occurred, because they would not like to leave their favorite dowelling houses. With the course of time and through the awareness activities of REE-CALL Project the attitudes have been changed.

People fastened their houses, cattle sheds and shops with heavy ropes so that the storm cannot blow off. As a result a good number of the structures have been saved in such manner. CBO’s contingency stocks were used for rescue and debris cleaning works.

Betel leaf orchards (paner baroj) were severely damaged. A huge number of ponds were submerged under water and significant loss occurred in aquaculture. Besides, huge crops like mug dal, melon, chilies and boro paddy fields have been damaged due to excessive rain resulting to water logging.

No casualties as well as no significant numbers of poultry and live stock losses were reported in these areas. A few thatched dwelling houses and cattle sheds were damaged. Some tin shed houses were partially damaged. A good number of trees were uprooted and broken and the roads were blocked and it was very difficult to enter the villages. But the community people removed the debris from the roads by themselves in order to reactivate movements. No rescue team members from any organizations were found to participate with the community people while visiting the area at 12:00PM-5:00PM on 16th May 2013. People were found active with vigor and it seemed that nothing happened there. Children were playing on the dam side of Baliatali. Some people were questioned whether they had their meal at noon and they replied that they prepared their food earlier before starting the cyclone and they preserved it for lunch. In Angulkata, villages under Gulishakhali union 26 houses were partially damaged out of total 614 households in this union. Yet the CBO people are happy with combating against the devastating cyclone Mahasen.


Case Story 01

Rahima wishes for a long-term support

Rahima Begum, 28 years old she is living on a small partially damaged hut, grewup by fighting with river. She lost her husband 8 years ago and now she is living with her only physically challenged boy in Bara Baisdia union of RangabaliUpazila. Though her boy is disabled, she didn’t receive any type of support from other organization yet. After losing her only shelter on cyclone Amphan she was living on a damaged hut. Which makes her life miserable during rainy days. She passed many days without any income and food security. She had to keep herself and her only disabled child on half-meal or without meal for many times. At this point she started begging to feed her child. Our field facilitators with the support of local govt persons visited her house and included her into our beneficiary list. She just received Food, Hygiene and Shelter support from NSS. With this food she will be able to feed herself and her disabled child for next one month. Now she doesn’t need to go without food anymore. Our Hygiene items are going to support to maintain her personal and family’s hygiene. With our shelter upgrade kit, she will be able to rebuild her destroyed house again. She doesn’t need to think about her food for next one month so she will be able to spend that money in her disable child’s treatment. She is very much happy and thankful to NSS and Oxfam for this support. She wishes for a long-term support to develop her livelihood in future .

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