About US


NSS has been implementing different types of projects and programs in the coastal upazilas of Barguna and Patuakhali districts since its development interventions in 2000. In the last fews  years NSS has focused on addressing the needs of disadvantaged rural and urban poor people including climate vulnerable and ethnic groups. NSS believes that only through working together honestly, transparently, efficiently with maximum social commitment providing with necessary humanitarian and right based support with these back warded community will their hopes and dreams be achieved.

NSS has confined the deep rooted and far reaching women and children issues among them and or within the targeted folder. We believe that these issue needs to be unfolded immediately and responsibility should be delegated to the community so that human rights including child rights and women rights are addressed properly and adequately with the participation of all levels of stakeholders. Our approach and commitment have allowed us to understand the changing needs of our distressed people. Hence, the impact of our work is really positive and receives much recognition. However, our hunger is not satisfied–NSS can and will be developed much further.


Nazrul Smriti Sangsad-NSS, a social development organization established in 1977 after the name of Nazrul Islam, a progressive student leader of Barisal B.M College and a journalist of the Daily Ittefaq who was fighting against poverty and for a society where equal rights will be practiced. To make his dream happen a young, sincere and committed group with full of dedication has started interventions in 2000 to serve the drawback and vulnerable rural people with special attention to women and children.


A dynamic society influencing policies and actions at all levels where people can practice their equal rights and opportunities.


The mission of NSS is to strengthen civil society partnership by enhancing, contributing to policy and stimulating action for improving socio-economic state as well as participation in policy making process as well as in power structure of underprivileged and climate vulnerable people. NSS always emphasizes the gender equity, child protection, reduce VAW and access to justice, public resources and services with special attention to basic human rights . NSS promotes indigenous knowledge, best practices, inclusiveness, innovative technology and alternative livelihood options and adaptive technology. Organizing social mobilization, media, social media and policy advocacy at different level for policy implementation and reformation.